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The All Urban study tour to Barcelona has been designed to educate UK designers about Urbidermis Santa & Cole’s unique design and products.

Belloch knowledge park, Urbidermis

Urbidermis Santa & Cole’s vocation in design started in 1985, and has since grown into a brand of small, independent and global editors of well-designed products.

The study tour is a unique opportunity to learn about their strong ethos and design philosophies, offering you the chance to immerse yourself in their culture and gain first-hand insight into how they lead on quality and achieve their premium edge.

Belloch Urbidermis
Study Tour at Belloch

The tour has been specifically designed for UK landscape architects, architects, design professionals and lighting designers who are interested in specifying Urbidermis Santa & Cole’s outdoor products within their projects.

Taking place annually, professionals are invited to fly out to Belloch in Barcelona Spain, home to both Urbidermis Santa & Cole’s headquarters and their project site’s which have been installed around the city of Barcelona.

Urbidermis Arne lighting installed in Barcelona

Allen Scott Landscape Architecture

“We took a lot away with us from the study tour and enjoyed sharing our stories with the team. We felt very inspired by the tour and have since worked with All Urban to specify and install their Harpo benches for one of our projects.”

Marc Tomes


(Schedule is subject to change)

Day 1

  • Open with a welcome tour and presentation.

  • Introduction to Urbidermis Santa & Cole’s lighting products.

  • Lunch will be provided

  • Presentation on their furniture elements.

  • The projects department present on their design practice and bespoke adaptation process, also demonstrating how the products are trialed and tested.

Urbidermis Santa & Cole Study Tour 2019

  • Take a short taxi ride into Barcelona to visit some projects where you can see the furniture in situ.

Projects include: Covering of railway tracks in Sants with Rama, Neoliviano, Arne and Area, Remodeliing of Passeig de Gracia (Candela and Neoliviano)

  • Dinner will be provided

  • Visit to Plaça de les Glories, Canopia Urbana Project to enjoy Urbidermis Santa & Cole’s lighting by night!

Plaça de les Glories, Canopia Urbana Project urbidermis project
Cycling around Barcelona with Urbidermis

Day 2

  • Bike ride tour to Barceloneta and different projects in Barcelona area.

Start near the old town of Barcelona visiting different places with Urbidermis Santa & Cole products, from there we’ll move to el Born, Parc de la Ciutadella and Barceloneta having lunch near the sea and visiting the sea shore with Nu benches and Bina litterbins.

  • Lunch will be provided followed by taxi back to the airport.

LDA Design

“The study tour was my first whirlwind tour of Barcelona. The tour itself was certainly memorable and complimented by great hospitality and company. We look forward to pursuing our specifications with All Urban and Urbidermis Santa & Cole.”

Greg Meikle
Senior Consultant

All flights, accommodation, food and travel costs around Barcelona are provided.

Interested in joining us?

To book your place please email or call us on 0114 282 1283



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