At All Urban we pride ourselves on sourcing unique and contemporary designs for high end urban furniture and street lighting. We work with carefully-chosen, small, independent designers, manufacturers and craftsmen to source fully functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing products. Our customers include lighting designers, landscape architects and architects in many leading urban developments around the UK.

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Urban layout

A great urban layout will take the parts of your city which may traditionally have been boring and mundane and turn them into a design feature that adds character and style. It is the little things that make your city layout stand out and paying attention to these finishing touches can make all the difference to how visitors view your space.

If you are looking to create an urban layout that has style and a modern twist, then there are a range of options available to you. From unique paving to railings; your urban layout should take into account all the small details during planning in order to create an urban space people will want to visit.

How to create a stand-out urban layout

An urban layout should consider all aspects of the finished space. You want to think about boundaries and borders, how will your structure the environment and also how you will create a space that is functional but also attractive and modern. Contemporary urban landscapes often attempt to combine the urban environment with nature in order to create a greener space which flows seamlessly into the city.

You should consider the flow of your urban layout and include pieces of outdoor furniture which will complement your overall style and theme. Every detail counts so consider borders, planters and everyday functional aspects such as lighting, railings and pavements.

It’s in the detail

There are certain aspects of any city layout which are necessary but they can still be incorporated into an overall urban layout which is designed to impress. Street lighting options such as the Lampunas offer a soft light whilst standing out as focal points in any urban space. Pavement options such as the Henri Matisse or Paul Klee, inspired by the famous artists, bring art and life into your city walkways and passages. Mark urban limits with style with the Linear railing with its smooth and sleek appearance marking the edge of your urban layout subtly.

An urban area will also need practical extras for the use of people living and working in the area which should be included in the planning of your urban city layout. Drinks fountains, outdoor seating and bike racks, such as the fun and lively Tactil bike rack, will make your urban space one that attracts people all year round.

The Santa & Cole range of outdoor furniture has been artistically designed with the modern urban layout in mind. From seating and litter bins to youth spaces and pergolas; Santa & Cole have a huge array of outdoor furniture to transform any area into an urban layout which flows with style as well as being practical and functional.

Installation of urban layout products is quick and simple and can be carried out by a team of trained professionals. Many pieces are cemented or bolted directly into the pavement so that they are safe to use and will stand the test of time. Update your urban city layout with our range of products and create a city in which style and substance live hand in hand.

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