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Short EditionAll Urban is the UK’s first distributor of the Short Edition Short Story Dispenser, the brainchild of Short Edition – a French start-up dedicated to showcasing the works of talented writers and making their stories accessible to all.

Over 100,000 short works of literature have been written and chosen by a growing community of writers and readers brought together by Short Edition. The selected stories include classic literary short pieces by well-known authors such as Shakespeare and Virginia Woolf, as well as contemporary short stories penned by aspiring new writers. These short stories are then published on the Short Edition website and are available in print format via the Short Story Dispenser.

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Short stories on the move

The Short Story Dispenser was dreamed up and designed by Short Edition to encourage reading and writing, and to make reading on the move simple, free and fun. The machine, which is connected to the Short Edition online platform, prints short stories onto high quality eco-friendly paper, without the use of ink. Each short story can be read in less than 5 minutes so readers can enjoy bite-sized pieces of literature wherever and whenever they like. A short story is the perfect way to keep boredom at bay, for instance, whilst waiting for the train, taking a short break from work, or waiting for a hospital appointment. It’s a novel alternative to reaching for your smartphone or tablet.

Short Edition international success

French readers have embraced Short Edition and its Short Story Dispensers, which are located at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, and in train stations throughout the country amongst other places. The US has also welcomed the machine. Francis Ford Coppola, the renowned screenwriter and director is an investor in the business after ordering Short Story Dispensers for his Californian wineries and his restaurant, Cafe Zoetrope, in San Francisco. Short Edition hopes to build on this international success and see Short Story Dispensers springing up in unexpected places all over the UK.

To find out more about the Short Edition Short Story Dispenser please contact All Urban at or call 0114 282 1283.


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