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Urbidermis Santa & Cole UK – We are delighted to introduce Catalonian urban furniture & lighting editors, Urbidermis Santa & Cole.

Here at All Urban we consider ourselves curators of the finest products for the urban environment. A such we are very happy to represent Urbidermis Santa & Cole in the UK, a company that so closely mirrors our own ethos.

Hailing from Barcelona, Urbidermis Santa & Cole are award-winning suppliers of street furniture and outdoor lighting, who have a strong reputation across Europe for delivering high quality products of exceptional design. They consider themselves editors, working with carefully selected designers to develop a portfolio of products that are not only supremely functional but also sit elegantly within the urban setting. Their belief is that street furniture and lighting should effortlessly harmonise within the landscape with seamless beauty and their products feature in many design winning public spaces across Europe.

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Urbidermis Santa & Cole’ previous work

Urbidermis Santa & Cole came to prominence during the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 when they worked with the city architects to enhance the city in preparation for the world stage. They created a suite of products that became synonymous with the image of Barcelona, reflecting the superior design principles with which the city is associated.
Their major European projects include Garibaldi Square in Naples, Diagonal Avenue in Barcelona and Überseequartier Hafen City in Hamburg. A quick glance at these of any of their projects clearly illustrate the quality of their product range, and the superiority of materials they use. Not only does the quality of their products ensure they will endure for years to come, but the manufacturing process is also carefully planned to minimise the impact on the environment. At every stage.

All Urban Suppliers

All Urban are delighted to represent Urbidermis Santa & Cole in the UK, building relationships with Landscape Architects and contributing to public realm schemes of distinction.
In addition to a wide selection of street lights, pedestrian lights, beacons and markers, including the flexible Rama tree of light, Urbidermis Santa & Cole also present a significant portfolio of street furniture, including benches and bicycle racks to street lamps and beacons to name just a few.

Although park spaces are continually evolving as design preferences change, there is a quality to the Urbidermis Santa & Cole range that means they are timeless. Designs from their original collection are still available and popular today and sit comfortably within the modern urban setting.
As the model for society becomes increasingly flexible it is more important than ever to create outdoor spaces that better support the shared community, bringing people together to create more cohesion.


Formal, traditional park areas would benefit from bench designs like the elegant and contemporary Osa. Soft edges, wooden slats and five metres of seating space makes this bench comfortable but aesthetically pleasing bench for all. This bench has the benefit of being vandalism-proof and it is also modular so it can be integrated easily around trees and foliage, making it a very functional, durable addition. Due to its design and longevity, this bench will fit almost any climate and environment.

Key Bicycle Rack

With cycling to and from work or around town becoming ever more popular, bicycle racks are in great demand. The Key design is a striking statement piece, ready to catch the eye of a cyclist. The red circular shape is made from high-density polyurethane foam – this material has been used as its not only hard wearing but is more pleasing to the touch then standard metal bike racks. The idea is that this material is more inviting, making the often-harsh urban environment friendlier to its user.

Lampelunas Street Lamp

Lighting is an essential part of urban living. However, it’s not just the practical side of lighting that makes it necessary. The type of lighting and shape of the lamp impacts our environment and how we feel as a result. Lampelunas are tall, yet soft shaped street lamps that work by reflecting the subtle moonlight, creating a warm gentle glow providing us with a pleasant evening luminosity.

With the above products just a few of the options available to urban developers, there’s no reason not to speak to All Urban about your next project – we’re sure to be able to offer just what you need to make your space both functional, and beautiful.


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