There truly is nothing more unsightly and bothersome than litter. Even the most peaceful parks and stylish urban attractions can be ruined by the sight of rubbish; making the need for litterbins a complete necessity. But just because a litterbin is a practical requirement for any outdoor area doesn’t mean that they can’t add style and character too.

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Avo by LAB23



Designer: Studiorange

The outer part of the AVO bin is made in steel of 20/10 thickness, the inner container

Babel by LAB23



Designer: GIBILLERO Design

Thank to the perforated basket, Babel is useful for “sensitive areas”. 4 galvanized lacquered steel portal legs

Bud by LAB23



Designer: GIBILLERO Design

Bud is a basket for separate waste collection, is circular in shape and has 4 compartments,

Easy by LAB23



Designer: Roberto Semprini

The outer part of the EASY bin is made in steel of 15/10 thickness. The inner

Edge by FinBin


Edge litter bin

Designer: Henri Sydänheimo, 2014

The Finbin® Edge litter bin belongs to the Finbin® Litter Bin Series and is

Esse-o by LAB23



Designer: GIBILLERO Design

Esse-o is a modular basket useful to separate waste, made of galvanized and painted steel, created through

Gibillero by LAB23



Designer: GIBILLERO Design

Gibillero is a practical and modular waste separation system, designed for shared spaces, both indoor and outdoor.

Litterbins often conjure up images in the mind of unattractive, bulky bins which stick out like a sore thumb and can ruin the overall aesthetics of even the most picturesque urban area. Designers across the world are waking up to the idea that contemporary design and modern materials can truly transform the humble litterbin in to an attraction addition to any urban or park utility.

Contemporary concepts

Keeping our environment clean has never been more of a hot topic and being environmentally friendly never higher on the agenda. With this in mind, practical yet stylish refuse solutions are coming to the foreground of urban and park utility planning. Ergonomic, sleek litterbin designs add fluidity to any urban landscape, whereas practical large refuse bins offer large parks freedom from litter and clutter. The Rodes is one such litterbin with a large capacity and its sturdy design; this bin would not look out of place in any affluent are such as a large town square, park or open urban landscape.

The ergonomically designs of litterbin models such as the Fontana and Rambla offer space saving style with their unusual elliptical shapes. The sleek looks of these models add fluidity to urban utilities without compromising on capacity or quality. No longer do litterbins have to be cumbersome lumps of metal blocking up pavements with these eclectic styles ready to revamp the way we see refuse collection.

The designers of the Cylindre and Maya models show us that how the materials used in the conception of the litterbin can influence the final appearance and style. By using both opaque and transparent elements, the Maya litterbin offers a light and elegant appearance which blends into any urban environment. In contrast, the Cylindre uses un-treated urban materials, such as concrete, in its British neo-Brutalism design. This litterbin stands out with its new-age feel and would be at home in any modern landscape.

The abundance of new materials not only lends themselves to clever aesthetics but in the case of the Bina, they also help to improve the longevity of the product. The Bina is made from salt and sand resistant materials; making it the perfect refuse solution for any beach, harbour or sea front. Clever designs allow this litterbin to be installed on either hard ground or even embedded on sandy beaches and the overall soft edged appearance is suited perfectly to the calmness of the sea.

While litterbins are a practical solution to waste and refuse collection, they do not need to be overlooked on the design front. The right design and material selection can ensure that litterbins can not only complement the environment they are in but also be transformed into an added attraction.


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