Handspring Design UK – We are delighted to introduce UK manufacturer Handspring Design.

We are the exclusive UK supplier for Handspring Design’s beautiful hand-made bespoke shelters. With over 18 years’ experience, they are market leaders in designing and constructing customised timber forms. Their structures provide much needed shelter and seating in open public spaces, and when working to commission, can be designed to take on artistic sculptural and horticultural elements. Available for both public and private outside spaces, we can work with all landscape designs to develop dynamic shelters that are truly unique to that space.

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Bespoke Projects

Handspring Design specialise in working with us and key stakeholders within landscaping projects to customise and tailor their designs to each client’s specific needs. Together, we understand that every outdoor space has a different factors for example history and community, all of which need to be considered and expressed to create authentic place-making. Handspring Design’s bespoke timber elements a tasteful and creative way of bringing these stories to life, and the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew is a perfect example of this.

Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew

The world-renowned Royal Botanical Gardens Kew embarked on an ambitious design project to launch a giant new children’s playground, covering 10,000m² (a garden that is the size of nearly 40 tennis courts.) All Urban worked alongside Handspring Design and Kew Garden Designer to develop 3 bespoke hand-made structures which complimented the garden’s theme which was ‘elements that plants need to grow: earth, air, sun and water.’

Inspired by the circle, they worked together to craft her vision and create the colourful and fun structures for the garden. The Tunnel Hoop features red, orange and yellow coloured Perspex, which reflects different shades of coloured light for children to play with. Across the garden, a set of wooden Pergola Hoops have been installed to create a fun matrix for children to wind in and out of. Lastly the Fruit Hoop structure includes a circular metal frame that will eventually support growing plants to form a tunnel of foliage to explore.

The giant new Children’s Garden is now open to the public where children can play and explore their way through the Hoops, discovering hidden treasures and adventures all around the garden.

To find out more about creating your own bespoke shelter please call us on 0114 282 1283  or email us on info@allurban.co.uk

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