Project Description


Omega-p by Night

Designer: GIBILLERO Design

Thought as an endless loop (up and down), we realized the system Omega-p with steel 8 mm thickness and 12 cm width. This composite system is multifunction:

– it is a bollard that can also be a bike rack
– using some omega-p together can be a continuous bike rack
– putting in a small deductible bowl, it can be also used as an ashtray.
– shaping it accurately, it can also become a light bollard with the light on two different heights.

Each Omega-p element works as a single element but also as a serial element (combining with other elements and each element has its special characteristics referring to the its function).

Overall dimensions:

Short base version: overall dimensions 120 x 220 x h 840mm
Long base version: overall dimensions 120 x 375 x h 840mm

Material: steel

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