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Electric Cooktop

The Christie electric cooktop is a self-contained cooking appliance designed especially for the public realm. It can be purchased with the pre-fabricated A-Series or Modular benches, or installed in any customised design structure that meets relevant UK safety standards.

Electric efficiency of the cooktops cannot be measured by simplistic power ratings – a complex metric combines the total energy consumed and the time taken to cook thoroughly and hygienically. The award-winning 3.5kW CC2 electric cooktop is the ultimate barbecue appliance – powerful enough for the demands of continuous use that defeats many low-powered alternatives, yet responsive enough to ensure the lowest possible power consumption. Research has shown that Christie barbecues are used mostly by large groups and families of five or more persons. To address their requirements, the high-efficiency cooktop strikes the optimum balance between energy efficiency and the ability to cook large quantities of food quickly, evenly, and hygienically.

Product type: Hotplate

Material: Stainless steel

Griddle: Stainless steel

Fuel: Electric

Key Features:

  • Mono-pressed, marine-grade stainless steel hotplate with high contact element for exceptional heat dispersal and ease of cleaning
  • 5kW high-efficiency design, engineered for repeat and continuous cooking
  • Unique sterilisation cycle for ultimate cooking safety and hygiene
  • Highly sensitive micro-processor and control program that accurately maintains the optimum cooking temperature while conserving energy
  • Intelligent self-diagnostics with fault codes and flashing warnings
  • Aluminium shield reflects 80% of radiant energy from the underside back to the hotplate
  • Fast, low cost “plug and play” connection for ease of installation and servicing
  • Guaranteed parts and dedicated service support

Power specifications

Connection: 15A 3-pin plug, for “plug and play” use with any weatherproof 15A socket

Product dimensions:

Height (including bracket): 130mm 140mm

Height (above cooktop): 75mm

Width: 605mm

Length: 630mm

Weight: 19kg

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