moveart UK – We are delighted to introduce Swiss playsculpture® moveart.

We are the exclusive UK supplier for moveart, who specialise in designing and manufacturing interactive playsculpture® suitable for the outdoor realm. As the original inventors for this functional art, moveart are the first to introduce these original designs to the UK market. Choose from a set of beautifully designed standardised sculptures or work together with moveart to design bespoke forms which synthesise with your landscape and community. Manufactured from sustainable accoya wood, each form has been uniquely developed using movearts signature HIP profiling technique. Desired user actions for example ‘sitting’ or ‘hiding’ can be selected to inform the evolution of the form which once installed, can facilitate unusual opportunities for cross-generational activity and interactions, harmonising generations in space.

They are ideal for city streets, plazas and squares, public parks and gardens, river and canal sides, patios, terraces, rooftops and courtyards.

To learn more about moveart and how this playful furniture is made, scroll down for more information.

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Bespoke Projects

Working with moveart on a bespoke commission is a unique experience. Championing customer excellence, moveart can work with stakeholders within a landscape project in a participatory fashion to ensure that forms which evolve satisfy everyone’s needs, making them accessible for the whole community. Soaking up the local surroundings, moveart use all these considerations to create forms that authentically integrate with the landscape setting. Arosa Welle is a perfect example of this.

Arosa Welle

Arosa is one of the top 10 Alpine destinations in Switzerland, attracting visitors of all ages from around the world. The council was looking to invest in a ‘staging’ for its central village square, which would be accessible for everyone in the local community as well as attracting visitors of all ages to the area.

Previous attempts included chessboards etc. but ended with no result or small punctual improvements. movearts unique participative design development which included discussions and identification processes resulted in a solution which represented everyone in the process and was immediately supported by all groups. The project grew to include extra forms and benches in the space.

The “Arosa Wave” was welcomed by the local community and has already become a central meeting point for locals, attracting visitors alike.

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Standardised Sculptures

About moveart

Founded in 2015, moveart is a Swiss company and was established by designer Norbert Roztocki.

moveart’s vision is to keep people physically and mentally healthy even in increasingly urban and densely populated areas by offering sustainable and ecological solutions to stimulate, harmonize, integrate and inspire people and places by combining art, functionality and security. They passionately deliver beauty and functionality into public space.

DNA inspired design

The beauty of moveart’s unique and timeless forms stimulate public curiosity and captivates their imaginations. Fusing beauty and functionality into public space, they are respectfully chosen in harmony with its surroundings. All of their special forms are derived from the double helix, the DNA chain: the symbol of the origin of life and metamorphosis. Using

Working alongside nature’s rhythms, they revitalise urban landscapes in new ways by bringing people from different age’s groups together via the use of organic forms. It enlivens urban spaces and inspiring human beings in a completely new way.

The design process

moveart work with clients to ensure that form designs are influenced by its community of users.

  1. Define target market (user mix) moveart can design objects for 0-3 years – 60 or both!
  2. Decide on HIP profile (which functionality form will take) (more details below).
  3. Create the form

What is the HIP profile?

moveart have developed the Human Ignition Profile (HIP) to use as a participatory profiling tool to create forms which facilitate specific types of human behaviour in public space. There are a large number of design variants in form and size, based on the individual requirements of each situation.

Clients can choose actions from the diagram below, listing them in order of importance which in turn influences a bespoke design.

The resulting forms are multi-functional and capable of integrating people of all age groups (0-3) to (60+), all spending time together as a family.

Manufacturing & installation process

movearts products are manufactured using organic and sustainable materials. Forms are built using 100% ecological materials and construction processes including the durable Accoya wood.

Manufactured in Poland, objects are created in parts, shipped to the UK ready to be installed quickly and efficiently. On average, smaller structures can be installed by 1 person taking approximately 1-2 hours with larger forms requiring up to 4 people and taking approximately 7 hours. These are subject to scale and design complexity.

Objects are built according to the European Playground Equipment Standard (safety norm EN1176).

Sustainable Accoya wood

All objects are made using sustainable Accoya wood. The technology behind the wood has been studied by scientists for over 90 years. The wood is treated with acid, the process alters the cell structure of wood, improving its technical properties and making it much stronger and more durable, making it an ideal material for the outdoor realm. The process is ‘green’ meaning that the process takes effect using nothing that doesn’t occur in wood naturally.

Due its exceptional durability, accoya wood has a minimum lifetime of 25 years in an outdoor area.


moveart objects are built robustly and require low-maintenance and are highly resistant against vandalism.

Awards & prizes

  • 2019 – Winner of the ‘German Design Award Special Mention 2019’.
  • 2018 – Gold Prize Winner in European Product Design Award
  • 2018 – Shortlisted for the Danish Design Award
  • 2017 – Giardina Silver Award, Giardina Zurich (one of the most important European indoor events on the topic of “life in the garden“)
  • 2017 – Winner of the 19th annual Startup Competition of leading business school IMD
  • 2016 – Ranked in top 3 of the best Swiss startups at FHNW SwissUp Start Challenge
  • 2016 – Kooperation with Art Basel Kids’ Lounge
  • 2015 – Ranked as one of the top 5 most innovative Swiss companies at “Swiss Innovation Challenge”


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