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LEC Lyon UK – We are delighted to introduce French manufacturer LEC Lyon.

We are a UK supplier for LEC Lyon, experts in LED. They have been working at the fore-front of LED lighting for over 40 years, meeting strict specifications for aesthetics, reliability, energy efficiency and maintenance.

Recognised internationally, they have become masters in designing and manufacturing marker lights and spot lights as well as engineering large-scale ambitious lighting solutions. Their product range includes, bollards, ground flushed recessed fittings, and ground recessed fittings, handrails, masts, overhead catenary lights, pavements sides, wall lights and wall recessed lights.

To learn more about LEC Lyon and their creative lighting solutions, scroll down for more information.

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Bespoke solutions

Every project is unique, a collaboration between architects, lighting designers, engineers, local officials, technical services managers, electricity unions, economists, landscapers, installers, etc. making every landscape project unlike any other.

LEC Lyon participate by bringing their expertise, quality requirements, and technical skills. They manufacture exclusively on order, creating bespoke combinations of luminaires specified by the landscape architects in order to integrate them into a specific project.

All Urban work with LEC Lyon to analyse and deliver the right solution tailored to the project’s needs. They manufacture their own samples, which are made available to landscape architects and are manufactured as close as possible to the actual marking or light. Whether you are looking for a specific lighting effect, a unique way of incorporating a light, or an original means of marking or lighting a work, LEC Lyon offer a specific and customised manufacturing.

First-class support through-out your landscape project

All Urban work with LEC Lyon to deliver first-class support through-out your project. Our experienced lighting team will work with LEC Lyon to guide you all the way to ensure your project is a true success:

  • In selecting the most appropriate marker-lights and spotlights
  • in site testing and simulations
  • in defining any needed customisations and adaptations
  • in selecting the right implementation to ensure the durability of the equipment
  • in coordinating multiple factors

LED light – A sustainable material

LED’s energy efficiency is constantly being improved and it is recognised by all specialists as being the light source of the (near) future.

LED are famous for

  • long life
  • low power consumption
  • compact size
  • resistance to vibration
  • easy of control

They have a low energy consumption and long life, very few raw materials are used in their manufacture and their very low noxiousness.

Premium Quality LEDs

LEC Lyon source the highest quality LED lights. Using their test benches, they trial dozens of LED brands from all origins, carefully selecting the best ones to incorporate into their products.

Quality LED light thermal engineering

LEC Lyon guarantee product longevity by carefully analysing the thermal condition by which the LED operates, ensuring quality products.

LED light manufacturing excellence

LEC Lyon design their own manufacturing processes and procedures which go through rigorous checks. They accept exclusive requests, making specific lights which are adapted to a landscape architect’s project. Every device is systematically tested and debugged, every process from design to delivery has been certified ISO 9001 since 2002.

Superior housings

Their superior lighting housings and windows are overdesigned by thickness, whilst using high-performance cables and connectors which can withstand incredibly harsh conditions within the public realm. All products obtain the highest certifications for example IP 68, IK 10 up to 60 joules, emergency lighting, etc.

Bespoke and supported installations

LEC Lyon adapt to every single project by providing waterproof installation and connectic accessories unique to each project. Detailed installation instructions are also available to reduce sites’ constraints.

About LEC Lyon – a French adventure

LEC Lyon is a great and optimistic French adventure! It was founded in 1977 by Pierre Valancogne, who was a traffic light signalling engineer. He realised LED’s potential, and wanted to create a lighting solution which would need only very small maintenance and operating budgets.

Their marker-lights were soon installed in underground car parks around France. As word spread, many well-known specifiers starting innovating with the product, using LED lighting to enhance or decorate prestigious works with originality such as the case studies below.

Case Studies

Recognised internationally, LEC Lyon have worked on a number of high-profile prestigious projects, some of which include, The Greenwich Meridian Line, the balustrades of Dublin’s 7 bridges over the Liffey River, the Mont-Blanc tunnel, the Monserrate Palace, the Grille Royale of the Château de Versailles, the Pont d’Arcole, the Pont de Recouvrance lift bridge or the MuCEM.

If you have a potential project where you’d like to integrate some LED’s or have some questions, please call us on 0114 282 1283 or email us on info@allurban.co.uk


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